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12 types of UK visitor visas
Posted on: 03 Nov 2014  |   Tags: ,

UK Visitor VisaKnown for its castles, historic monuments and museums, the United Kingdom has to be on your ‘bucket list,’ if you crave to visit world’s best countries.  Feasting your eyes on the beauties of England is undoubtedly the best thing you can do in your life. If you want to cruise through this amazing land and not sure how to obtain UK tourist visa, you must go through the information below.

United Kingdom tourist visa:

Just like how all the countries need a tourist visa to tour the nation, UK too makes it mandatory to have UK tourist visa in order to allow tourists.

Types of UK visitor visas

There are 13 types of UK visitor visas. They are:

General visitor visa: As the name says, it’s a general visitor visa and the validity period for the same is ten years and the maximum stay is six months. This would simply mean that you can stay for six months at a stretch or can stay one month in UK every year. It’s a multiple entry visa. You need to apply for this type of visa three months in advance and the result will be known within three weeks of application.  You can undertake a study of up to 30 days and even get paid or unpaid work on this type of visa.

Family visitor visa: A family visitor visa is given to people who has relatives in the United Kingdom. Just like the general visitor visa, the maximum period of stay for this type of visa is also six months. However, people who obtain family visitor visa can undertake any course of study for more than a month and can even carry out the business.

Child visitor visa: This is basically for people who are below 18 years of age and want to enter UK. Imagine your parents are entering UK on general visitor visa and you are 17 years of age who wants to accompany your parents. You need to apply for the child visitor visa. The validity period is for six months and you study for six months in UK. You, however, can’t marry in UK when you hold this visa.

Business visitor visa: If you are an employee and want to visit UK on business purpose, you need to apply for UK business visitor visa. The maximum period of stay under this visa is six months. An academic visitor, however, can stay for a period of one year. There are basically three types of business visitor visas

         i.            Business visitor visa

       ii.            Academic visitor

      iii.            Doctors and dentists’ visa

Student visitor visa: You need to apply for student visitor visa in case you have to enroll into short study. The eligibility period for this type of visa is six months too. You cannot undertake any business and not marry when you hold student visitor visa.

 Marriage visitor visa: If you want to marry in UK you need to apply for marriage visitor visa. You can’t stay for more than six months on this visa. Also you are not supposed to work or study when you get marriage visitor visa.

Sports visitor visa:  Sportsmen who wish to enter UK to play the tournaments are required to apply for sports visitor visa. You can’t bring family members of enroll into course of study on this visa.

Entertainer visitor visa: If you are an actor or a musician, you have to get this visa to give performances in the United Kingdom.  You can’t study or get public funds or marry when your hold UK entertainer visitor visa.

The other types of visas include permitted paid engagement visa, private medical treatment visa, parent of a child at school visa and prospective entrepreneur visa.

UK travel tips:

  • You need to carry your passport with you wherever you go
  • You need to plan your journey well in advance
  • As train journey in UK is expensive, it’s advisable to hire taxis when in UK
  • You should always have heavy lunch and experiment the specialties in lunch as it’s always cheaper compared to dinners
  • It’s advisable to book the cabs well in advance in order to save the money and avoid last minute tension

Can I extend my visitor visa?

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