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The United Kingdom is a great nation which has a colonial history. Every year, people swarm here from different nations to live and work. If you are a worker in the UK who has been offered a skilled job or are from outside the EEA and Switzerland, then you can apply for getting your family dependents to the UK. It is always good to consult a visa consultancy that is well-informed and updated with the visa norms and regulations. Opulentus is the best name in this business.

UK Dependent visa

The UK Dependent visa is offered to people whose family member is already residing in this country. Under this visa, a spouse or a common-law partner can apply as well as both children below and above 18 years of age. In case of your dependents, you should be able to provide accommodation and support them and yourself financially. For children who are dependents and below 18 years, they should live with the parent only after immigration and those above 18 should not have married. Your dependents must also be competent in the English language. This visa is valid for a period of two years and six months, after which you can apply for an extension. As such, there are no work restrictions on the dependency visa holders. The time required for visa processing depends on the country from where one is applying.
How Opulentus offers timely help?
Opulentus visa consultancy is existent for more than a decade now. It is the best in the world of immigration service providers as the consultants here are thorough professionals and assist their clients with all visa procedures and even prepare them well in advance for the visa interview. Their post landing services caters to the needs of many of its clients. Thus, Opulentus is the gateway to make your dreams of migrating abroad come true!

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