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Apply for the International Graduate Scheme of the UK

International-Graduate-Scheme-to-UKInternational students typically feel that the post-study options in the United Kingdom are closed after the Government closing doors for the foreign students to work after completion of education. Anyhow there are other options to the students if they are serious about living in the United Kingdom and pursue their dream of higher education and working in the UK.

The United Kingdom’s International Graduate Scheme allows the students to apply for the graduate stream. If they wish to live in the United Kingdom for one year, the main purpose of this visa is to allow the International Graduates to Apply for the UK Visa and Settle permanently.

International students to qualify for the visa must complete a higher education bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree and PHD programs. The applicant must support the dependents financially. The International Graduate Scheme of the United Kingdom will help the students to gain one year job experience.

Gaining international job experience would be probably the best experience in anyone’s life. There are opportunities to the graduates to convert their study visas into Tier 2 if they have the salary caps required by the Salary threshold of the United Kingdom Immigration.

The UK’s Tier 2 visa rules have been discussed a lot these days.

Immigration is the economic imperative and international students can easily gain the experience. If the students approach through the proper channel, it is easy to obtain the visa.

The United Kingdom introduced immigration is the point based system and the system even helps the professionals.

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