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UK is known to be very popular destination for numerous people who desire to live as well as work in the new nation. However, we find that the UK immigration  is bit complex in nature.  Hence most individuals who wish to work in UK do contact immigration agents who would help them to Migrate to UK for Work.

Since 2008, we find most work related visa application  and also numerous study visa applications have been made through the 5 tier system which are point based, which measures applicants against numerous criteria which are designed to assess their eligibility for UK Work Visa  or study visa.

Tier 2 Skilled Workers UK-Tier-2-Work-Permit

UK Tier 2 Work Permit

  • For worker who have offer consisting of skilled work as well as certificate of sponsorship from the UK employers with Valid sponsorship license Tier 2
  • The job offer should be one which cannot be filled by the worker who is already a resident in UK, since the 2011, we find there has been a cap of 20,7000 visas which can be issued in this particular category each year.
  • For employees belonging to multinationals who are transferred to UK branch, the applicants do require valid certificate of sponsorship from their own employer. There are about 4 sub categories

Staff long term

  •  short term staff
  •  skills transfer
  •  Graduate Trainee

Tier 2, for sports people belonging to international caliber they intend to stay in UK for lengthy period

Tier 2, For missionaries, monks and ministers belonging to religion and the like.

Are you interested to apply for UK Work Permit, contact your friends who have already are  in UK through work permit. They would guide you as to how  to apply for work permit. If you do not know any one who have already gone to UK on work visa, then you might very well contact  the immigration agents .

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  1. Hi there,
    I have completed my masters in July from university. But my tire4 visa was expired in February. After that I have applayed FLR(o).
    It’s in appeal now. Am I still able to apply tire2 now. Can I switch flr to tire2 ?

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