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The number of British unemployed has been reduced to an all time low with thousands of jobs created by the Olympics. Companies from across the world invested in UK creating jobs and also safeguarding a huge number of posts. People also have found self- and part-time employment. Opulentus UKInternational Labour Organisation reported that unemployment fell by 46,000 in the three months to June to 2.56m. As per latest reports the unemployment index will go down further. In London, only 42,000 people got employed in last 3 months and thousands more will be employed in the coming months. During London Olympics 2012, hundreds of company gathered at summits arranged by British Business Embassy. Summits saw industry top leaders and delegates from various countries discussing their future plans in UK. Sectors like engineering services, IT, creative industries, advertising, manufacturing and power and energy saw a major boost by foreign inward investments. Billions of pounds have been planned for expansion, opening of new branch or acquiring new facilities in UK. This will boost the job market of UK. Thousands of jobs will be created in these sectors. Manufacturing and engineering sector will see the major growth. Jobs created with these plans will require skilled professionals from the relevant field. Companies will recruit skilled workers from foreign countries to meet their demands. This is a golden opportunity for people in these respective fields to look for a suitable job and get settle in UK. To see your chances of settling and working in UK, fill this simple Free Evaluation Form. Call our UK immigration experts on 1800 103 1555. Connect with us on Facebook. For more detailed information about our services, please visit Opulentus.

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