UK Universities Partnership to Impact Global Education Sector


The UK education has created global talent, many UK educated professionals are resourceful to the global economy their abilities and contribution to their respective fields. The United Kingdom is the home for world class Universities, and it is one of the competitive markets for International Education in UK The West Midlands Combined Authority’s new policy […]

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Apply for the International Graduate Scheme of the UK


International students typically feel that the post-study options in the United Kingdom are closed after the Government closing doors for the foreign students to work after completion of education. Anyhow there are other options to the students if they are serious about living in the United Kingdom and pursue their dream of higher education and […]

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Tier 2 Dependent Visa Holder Can Work in the United Kingdom


There was much discussion among the aspirants seeking the dependent visa through sponsors of UK Tier 2 Sponsorship Visas, as the migration advisory committee advised the Government to remove the right of the dependents in 2015. The advice has raised serious doubts, but many sections of society have termed this move as illegal and not […]

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Online Petition to oppose the UK Tier 2 visa salary threshold

The United Kingdom manufacturing industry has gained the support of 72,000 signatures for the online petition to oppose the wage threshold of Tier 2 visa. The industry critics have stated that the move will have the devastating impact on the engineering industry in the United Kingdom. This petition demands the home secretary to abolish the […]

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