UK Student Visa – Higher Education In The United Kingdom


Being a hub to world’s most esteemed Universities like Cambridge and Oxford, United Kingdom has much to offer for those willing to undertake their higher education in overseas. Another interacting fact about this prime study destination is that it is a birthplace of renowned personalities like Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and many others. […]

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UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students – Students in Uk


Every year, we find thousands of international students have successfully acquired a Student Visa to Study in the UK. The UK govt does welcome international students, and there is no limit as to the number of student visa which can be issued.It is important to prepare at the same time apply well before you wish […]

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What are the Other Eligibility Requirements to Pursue Education in UK?


The individuals can enter UK, before one week, if their course is for less than 6 months. And they can enter UK  before one month, if their course duration is more than 6 months. The individual’s can apply for Tier 4 visa, in order to Study in UK, if their age is 16 or above. […]

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About UK Opportunities and Education System

Educational opportunities in the UK for international students The UK (Great Britain) is an international hub for education, research, etc. and the country has some of the most prestigious universities in the world (for example, Oxford university, Cambridge university, London School of Economics). The UK offers high quality, quite affordable and diverse educational courses and […]

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Recruitment agents for foreign students to be ‘vetted’

The British Council launches new database covering foreign recruitment agents as figures show a sharp rise in the number of overseas students entering UK Recruitment agents who sign up overseas students for British universities will be subjected to new vetting procedures amid warnings over a sharp rise in the number of foreigners entering the country. […]

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Indian Students can be granted short professional and research visits to the UK

For Indian students in the United Kingdom, there is a wonderful offer from CWIT (Charles Wallace India Trust) Scholarships for short professional and research visit grants. These grants are given in the field of literature, history, archaeology, philosophy, history of art, creative and performing arts. Annually, there are 10-15 grants of up to £1000 for […]

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