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Come and visit the enchanting country of UK with the help of Opulentus

The United Kingdom, also called Great Britain has a long standing history which dates back to the Victorian times. It is a land which is full of great and diverse cultures, traditions and people. A visit to this country will enable you to realize the richness of this place and also the way in which the local people receive you will be heat warming and touching. There are a lot of places of interest, some historical and others modern which keeps your mind and interest occupied for days on end. If you wish to come as a visitor to UK, you need to apply for a visitor visa. Getting this visa is a bit complicated. It is therefore better to take the services of visa service providers like Opulentus. Who can get a UK visitor visa? Following categories can apply for a visitor visa to the UK:-

  • If the purpose of your visit is holidaying or on leisure
  • You are a resident of any country apart from the EEA and Switzerland
  • You intend to visit UK for visiting family or friends who are not UK citizens
  • On medical grounds
UK Visitor visa You should apply for a tourist visa to the UK at least three months before the intended time of your travel. This visa will enable you to stay in the UK for up to a period of six months. What benefits does the visa hold? As a visitor of this country, you are entitled to engage in studies for a maximum period of 30 days. However, this should not be the main reason for your stay in the country. Eligibility requirements
  • Should be 18 years or more in age
  • The purpose of your visit should be leisure trip
  • Should have enough funds to support yourself during the stay as well as for your onward and return journeys
Choose Opulentus The name of Opulentus visa consultancy has come to the fore since the time of its inception about a decade ago. It has a team of well established and knowledgeable staff who leave no stones unturned for helping out their clients in their hour of need. Choosing Opulentus will ensure that you get a reliable, timely and assured help for any visa that you want to get. Their experts will help you by supplying you the right information and also in the entire process. Choose wisely, choose Opulentus!

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