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Expansion & Investment Plans by ICT Firms in UK

The summit for ICT (Information, Communication & Technology) firms in East London saw significant investments and expansion plans by some of the renowned leaders in the industry. Five companies in the field of ICT have announced their plans to open their branches and start operations in Tech City, London, UK. Tech City is Europe’s fastest developing digital hub.Opulentus UK The investment by the companies will aid in growth of UK by raising the number of jobs and economy. Start ups will help UK to retain its reputation as one of the top leader in ICT. ICT sector employs 1.5 million individuals in different divisions. The sector is clearly going to see a surge in their expansion and recruitment plans. Skilled labours from this sector will be in demand and will be hired for different positions and projects. This will give an opportunity to foreigners to explore their options in this area and get a chance to settle in UK. Investments and business expansion announced are:

  • New Tech City technology facility to be opened by Vodafone
  • Barclays and Central Working will develop a new club in Tech City to assist 22,000 businesses
  • Italian Blend Accelerator will open its first overseas business incubator, in Tech City, London
  • GREE mobile social gaming company will shift their base to Tech City and will open a new development studio
  • USTWO and London-based MPP Global Solutions plan for their expansion in UK
  • Airwatch will hire 75 more workers in Milton Keynes
  • Tribal Group gets contract worth £31m from overseas and is planning to start its operation
With such expansion of IT industry in UK, the country is surely going to depend upon skilled professionals from overseas countries; especially India. One can expect UK government to ease its immigration restrictions to address this demand! For more information just connect with us on www.facebook.com/opulentus.UK or log on to www.visas2unitedkingdom.com

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