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Get UK Visitor Visa to explore the beauty of the country

UK Visitor Visa requirementsPlanning a trip to the UK? Not sure about the type of visa you need to apply for? This article provides you information about what type of UK Tourist Visa you need to hold to visit UK. UK, officially known as the United Kingdom, has become the most sought after destination for travelers.

UK Visitor Visa:

Known for its historic monuments, royal palaces, and world’s top museums, the UK is the best destination for people aspiring to travel abroad. Indians who wish to visit UK need to obtain a UK Visitor Visa to enter into the country either for the business or social or casual purpose. Generally, UK Tourist Visa is issued for a maximum period of six months. The country also offers long-term UK Visitor Visas for those individuals who wish to stay for a period of one, two, five or ten years.

Types of UK Tourist Visas

UK Visitor Visas are categorized into different types out of which business, student, and general UK Visitor Visas had been opted by most of the travelers. One needs to apply for the appropriate type of UK Visitor Visa, which completely depends on the purpose of visit. Each UK Tourist Visa has its own requirements and conditions to be satisfied by the applicants.

UK Visitor Visa requirements

Individuals who wish to file an application for UK Visitor Visa need to satisfy certain requirements which include:

  • Applicant must be 18 years or above while filing an application for UK Visitor Visa.
  • Must hold enough funds to support your stay in the country
  • Hold sufficient funds to meet the travel expenses
  • Purpose of visit must be casual or a holiday
  • UK Visitor Visa applicants must be outside the region of Switzerland or European Economic area.
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