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The United Kingdom is not only famous for its beautiful castle, bridges, and Parliament. It is famous within the locals and the foreigners for its spooky places. People from around the world visited this place just to get spooked and terrified in the broad daylight and eerie darkness.

Haunting-of-UnitedkingdomYou might think why would someone spend a certain amount of pounds and visit such places. Oh! It is only because of the stories which linger around these buildings and neighborhood. You want to know why people come from different locations JUST to see this.

 Read along and get spooked!

There are many unexplained paranormal experiences in the UK. The first one is BORLEY RECTORY!

It is located in Essex; the mansion got destroyed in a fire in 1939. A noted paranormal investigator heard footsteps in the house, the sudden ringing of the servant bell, ghost of a nun, a sudden appearance of a carriage, bottles being thrown are some of the paranormal activities.

The next one is, ANCIENT RAM INN:

It is the haunted house of Britain. It is a place of sins. There was child sacrifice, suicide, black magic and also a hideout for criminals. The current owner himself claims that he is living in the house with two demons, witch and some other ghostly presence. People who have visited have also claimed the ghostly presence.

Another one, PENDLE HILL:

It is related to Geoge Fox who started ‘Quaker movement’. A burial site was discovered at Foothill, which was home for Pendle witches. Many live shows have occurred in this place, and they have proven to be one of the scariest episodes ever.

One more example is, BERRY POMEROY CASTLE:

It is a picturesque castle which has the reputation of the most haunted castle in Britain. Ghosts of Blue Lady and White lady linger in the castle. People who visit the castle have reported that the blue lady stands on the tower and asks the visitors to help her. When they try to help, she jumps off the tower. Blue lady is said to haunt the dungeons.

If you haven’t had enough, yet you must read about Woodchester Mansion:

It is an ‘unfinished’ Gothic Revival Mansion. It does look finished from inside but inside lots of plaster and maximum of the floor is missing. People visiting this castle tell that they have seen a ghost of a little girl, floating head in the bathroom, a tall chapel man and so on so forth.

So, now you know why people come and visit such places? There is a mystery around every corner of Britain. DON’T go alone, you might regret it!

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