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Highest number of Indian students ever accepted by UK in 2016

Are you planning to study in the UK? UK is the king of the world for the caliber education for the endeavor and aspirant students to optimize the career in Business and Management, Arts & Design, Science, Engineering and Law as this country offers world-class teaching system and Faculty.   highest-number-of-indian-students-ever-accepted-by-uk-in-2016   When we compare past three years sponsored visa for Indian applicants to the UK has been increased, in 2016 the accepted Indian student visas were intensified to 6% the highest ever since 2013. The new statistics released by the government of UK in September 2016 regarding students visa issued for Indians shows around 8,692 visa have been granted for the current year, last year corresponding month 8,224 visas were granted.

Richard Everitt , Director of Education at British council India, said ;the hike in the Indian applicants is quantum leap which is significant and unfolded there is always the healthy relationships between the Indian & UK Universities, definitely the positive signs of moving high in scholarship circumstances possibility , with clarity in the visa process for students. After US and China, India is ranking in third place for the student visa. UK Home Office spokesperson told: " Our intention is to welcome the accomplished students who can be adaptable to the living and work culture of the UK, enhance the system that support the universities to bring out the best from the students.

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