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UK Tier 1 dependent visa The UK Tier 1 visa program is a part of the five tier points based system which is required for UK immigration. UK tier 1 visas are for eligible entrepreneurs, business man and individuals with extraordinary talent. Foreign business man who is from a NON EU country and would like establish them business in UK and the dependents of an individual would consider going through UK Tier 1 visa. Every individual has to take the points based test and score minimum points to get through the eligibility for the UK tier 1 visa.

Individual can apply to extend their UK Tier 1 dependent visa or can change your current visa into UK Tier 1 dependent visa only if you have the permission to stay in the UK in the following categories

  • Tier 1 (general)
  • If the individual is a writer, composer or artist
  • If the individual is a self employed lawyer
  • Highly skilled migrant program

In order to get the UK Tier 1 dependent visa every individual should meet the certain eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for UK Tier 1 visa:

The individual is eligible to apply for the UK Tier 1 visa only if he meets the following criteria along with the above requirements

  • Individuals must meet the English language requirements
  • Should have enough funds to support during your stay
  • Proof of minimum balance required in your bank for 90 days
  • Minimum points score, depending on the category you were last granted

UK Dependent Visa Requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Proof of English proficiency

You will also need to submit documents if asked and the documents which are not in English or Welsh language should be translated before submitting.

Apply For UK Tier 1 (general) Visa:

Individuals can apply to extend their UK Tier 1 dependent visa or switch to it from a different visa type.

The applicants should include any dependents that are on the individual’s current visa on your application, including your children with the age of 18

This process should be done before the expiration of your visa. This should take place when you are in UK and can stay in UK after submitting until the decision is given.

If you’re a part of HSMP (highly skilled migrant program) forum judicial review judgment, then the individual must apply using the FLR tier 1 application form which is for HSMP.

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