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How to Apply for UK Visitor Visa ?

In United Kingdom, extreme weather is rare, but we find hail, snow, heat waves and torrential rain can occur without warning.  If you are interested to travel to UK to visit your family or business purpose you require UK Visit Visa.

Each year, we find more number of tourist, Travel to UK for Visit, to varied historical sites and to experience the modern culture as well as visit best restaurants to dine. This nation is popular because it has numerous best tourist destinations.

More than thirty million people do travel to UK for the sole purpose of tourism and most of them tend to apply for UK tourist visa or UK Visit Visa.

Who can apply marriage visitor visaUK-Visitor-Visa

  • The individual should be interested in getting married or should get themselves registered for civil partnership in United Kingdom
  • The individuals should not plan to settle in UK after  their civil partnership or marriage
  • The individual is interest in giving notice of either their civil partnership or  marriage United Kingdom
  • The individuals are also required to meet other eligible conditions

To apply for Marriage visitor visa, other eligible conditions are

  • Age should be 18 or above
  • Should be free to give notice of marriage, enter into civil partnership or to marry in UK within period of six months of their arrival
  • Should be in genuine relationship
  • Visiting period in UK must be less than 6 months
  • Should leave UK at the end of your stay
  • Should be able to support themselves without working or should not aim to get help from public funds or prove that they can be supported as well as housed by their relatives or friends.
  • Should be able to meet the cost of return or onward journey


  • Cannot take up work – few exceptions exist, such as activities relation to their work or business overseas which are permitted.
  • by frequent visits live for extended periods
  • get public funds
  • Should not get enrolled in study course- exception is, they can undertake incidental study for 30 days.

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