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Indians Against UK’s Exit From the European Union
Posted on: 23 May 2016  |   Tags: UK Wants to Exit from European Union , UK Work Visa ,

People of Indian origin in the United Kingdom are against the Britain’s exiting from the European Union. Indians will also have right to vote in the most awaited ‘Brexit’ referendum to be held on June 23. Majority-of-Indian-Origin-Voters-Against-Brexit-StudyAccording to the recent survey conducted by the British Election Survey, 51 percent of Indians are against the ‘Brexit’ whereas the 27 percent people are supporting the Britain’s exit from the economic bloc of the European Union. The significant proportion of the people do not know about the ‘Brexit’ are going to become crucial for the voting. The high profile Indians in the United Kingdom are favorable to the ‘Brexit’, they are expecting a streamlined process for Immigration. The ‘Brexit’ outcome will seriously impact the foreign nationals from European countries and non-European countries. Presently there is a free movement between the 28 European countries into UK without requiring any permits. So this significant ‘Brexit’ will have impact on the foreign nationals living in the Great Britain. The United Kingdom introduced new reforms to contain migration, despite the industry body’s protest; the UK tier 2 visas have been reformed by increasing the salary thresholds. India is one of the largest sources for sending skillful immigrants to the United Kingdom. The maximum number of tier 2 visas was used in 2015, by the Indians. The salary threshold of the immigrants working in the United Kingdom, less than 35000 will have to lose their working rights. However, upon large scale protests from the countries, the policies have been eased to some extent, the new policies will facilitate the new comers and some categories of the Tier 2 visas will not be active.The impact on immigration will quite high, surely it will change the demography of the United Kingdom. Please Fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+  

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