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British Business Embassy, London hold a summit highlighting UK’s strategy to lead the world in the energy sector. Top business leaders and delegates from various countries along with UK’s top politicians will plan in securing investment, creating jobs and a way to make energy firms prosper in coming days. Opulentus Energy industries including the vital oil and gas sector play an immense role in balancing a country’s economy and in developing skilled professionals for the sector. Government of UK is determined to create an environment where energy companies can create jobs, increase industrial capacity and play a pivotal role in taking the country to top in exports. The tie up between Universities and business firms has helped the students as well as the companies. Companies train the students with necessary skills and make them ready for future challenges. Some of the investments and projects announced by energy firms at the meeting are:

  • GDF SUEZ along with Centrica and Bayerngas will invest 1.4 billion pounds for Field Development Plan for gas discovery at Southern North Sea.
  • British Petroleum (BP) BP to invest 60 million pounds in a new project for International Centre for Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM).
  • Versalis to invest 50-60 million Euros to increase its elastomer production.
  • Neftex wins new contracts and to recruit 50 employees for this operation.
  • Tangent Technologies Limited gets 105,000 pounds worth contracts from Australia and will hire new staff in UK.
  • Melrose Resources plc new 6 year concession in contract will help it in expanding Bulgaria market.
With these new investments, contracts and expansion, energy industries in UK will flourish in coming months. New jobs will be created, and skilled professionals from the sector will be in demand. Oil and gas industries will be the industry which will be in boom with the recent developments. Petroleum engineers and other professionals from the industry will be hired to run the operations smoothly. Professionals from energy sector can take this as an opportunity to move and settle in UK.  To embark on your journey to UK, get your profile evaluated by our experts. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form or contact us at 1800 103 1555. You can also get in touch with us at Facebook. For detailed information visit Opulentus.

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