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London 2012 Olympics: A Panoramic View
Posted on: 27 Jul 2012  |   Tags: ,

Commencing from 27th July 2012, London Olympics has put enormous effort to make the event a success despite suffering one of the worst bombing in recent times. Millions of British and peoples from all over the world are ready to join the opening ceremony and celebrations on Friday 27 July. Bells will ring across the UK starting from 8:12am (London Time) for three minutes loudly and quickly.Opulentus London 2012 Organizing Committee (LOCOG) has designed and furnished 32 sporting venues, and 61 noncompetition venues throughout UK. Specific design and interiors with unique color scheme for each venue is finalized. There are 30 athletic sports and 204 countries that are competing against each other in London Olympics, 2012. This is one of the biggest events organized by London in recent times and it has left no stone unturned to make it a huge success. A lightshow on the London Eye, powered by Twitter users is gathering attention from people across the world for its beautiful and eye-catchy design and unique concept. Rise in positive tweets will increase the number of lights on London Eye. Government has taken utmost care for security of tourists, sportspersons and peoples visiting the Olympics by deploying security personnel’s on land, water and air. Eagle’s eye-view on each and every suspicious activity is taken care by the 17,000 troops deployed. This whole operation is named as 'Operation Olympics'. This glittering and sporting event is definitely going to give London an upper hand in tourism. For more information just visit www.facebook.com/opulentuz

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