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Migrate to UK - A Complete Guidance

The United Kingdom is sovereign state in Europe.  It is 22nd most populous nation in the world

The UK Visit Visa is known to be the popular single route for the individuals who come to UK for tourism, visiting family as well as the business visits.

The UK visit Visa is gaining popularity, many like to travel to UK for varied purpose’s . Those individuals who wish to arrive in  United Kingdom must prove  that they would not stay in UK for more than 6 months and after that period they would return to their home nation. The individuals should also prove that they do have sufficient funds to accommodate as  well as maintain without any assistance the public funds of UK.

Migrate to UK for Visit  UK-Visit-Visa-Requirements

Varied types visit visas available include

Tourist Visitor Visa :  The tourist visa does allow the individuals to Travel to UK for upto 6 months at a time either for leisure, or to receive private medical treatment or for business

Marriage Visitor Visa : This visa allows the couples to UK Visit Visa and get married

Family Visitor Visa : A family visitor visa does offer the opportunity to meet friends as well as family in UK for upto 6 months. Both Friends and Family can act as UK sponsor.

Business Visitor Visa : This visa does allow the business people to lay ground work in UK for future business transactions.


The maximum time an individual  can stay in United Kingdom at any single time is about 6 months as business visitor.

However, the visa granted for the period lesser than 6 months, they should apply for an extension of the visa which takes up to maximum of 6 months.

The individuals must remember that  upon expiry of the visa, they must leave UK. If they tend to stay beyond the expiry of their visa, then it is illegal. This may result in adverse impact on the immigration record and it is likely to affect your future immigration applications for UK.

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