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Modification for UK Student Visas

UK's top business leaders have appealed to Prime Minister David Cameron to remove foreign students from official immigration figures to avoid the removal of a valuable source of wealth and skills.Opulentus Barons said in the letter that Britain needs "to be able to attract the best minds from around the world" and that the country needs "to send a clear message that genuine international students are welcome to study in the UK." "They are integral to the success of British business and we must do everything we can to ensure their future contribution is not compromised." "Their talents enrich our universities intellectually and through their fees they also help the universities to balance their books. For many higher education institutions, the fee income from foreign students has been a lifeline in tough times." In an open letter signed by 37 renowned industry leaders, they wrote "The UK is a favored destination for international students and we must protect this position. We, therefore, back the call for international university students to be removed from the domestic net migration statistics for policy purposes." Pressure is mounting on PM David Cameron to loosen the recently hardened immigration policy towards overseas students aspiring to read in UK. Cameron is set to cancel some of the steps taken including scrapping of post-study visa. Businessmen also acknowledged that fake applicants enter in the name of higher studies; and supported a lockdown on such illegality. Nevertheless, they said, the government should "send a clear message that genuine international students are welcome to study here (The UK)." Check your eligibility to pursue higher education in UK; just speak to our experts on 1800 103 1555 or fill our Free Evaluation Form. For more information log on to www.visas2unitedkingdom.com or www.facebook.com/opulentus.uk

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