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Olympics to Bring Tourists, Business and £13bn Benefit: David Cameron
Posted on: 28 Jul 2012  |   Tags: David Cameron , London , London Olympics ,

“The Olympics is a unique chance to drum up business for Britain.” David Cameron said delivering a speech on Olympics effect on UK’s economy and other areas of life.  London Olympics are capable of bringing up to £13 billion for the economy over the next 4 years and also can boost tourism, business investments and opportunities.Opulentus David Cameron will arrange for a global investment conference and 17 global business meetings at the British Business Embassy at Lancaster House during the Games, to put UK business firms in contact with foreign investors and business partners. Meetings are expected to bring a further £1 billion influx for the UK economy. Mr. Cameron also said that he would be devoting his attention and energy to make sure that Olympics Games turn into gold for Britain". He added: "Our inspiration for this should be the Festival of Britain in 1951, which was a showcase of national enterprise and innovation. Now, as then, we need to drum up business for Britain - sell Britain to the world on the back of British success." UK economy will benefit an additional £2.3 billion with more than 4 million tourists expected to visit London during the Olympics. For more updates log on to www.visas2unitedkingdom.com or www.facebook.com/opulentuz

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