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Online Petition to oppose the UK Tier 2 visa salary threshold

Tier2-Visa-Points-Based-MethodThe United Kingdom manufacturing industry has gained the support of 72,000 signatures for the online petition to oppose the wage threshold of Tier 2 visa. The industry critics have stated that the move will have the devastating impact on the engineering industry in the United Kingdom. This petition demands the home secretary to abolish the new threshold introduced by the UK for Tier 2 visas. The new salary hike would be effective from the month of April. The United Kingdom indirect sanction will have an impact on the industries recruiting the foreign nationals. According to the survey by Engineers Employer Federation of United Kingdom, 29 percent of the manufacturing sector hires foreign engineers to meet the skill shortage in the firm. Some industries remarkably depend on the skilled force will have a serious issue with the hike. The UK to maintain its stand as a world leader in the field of manufacturing international skills is mandatory.

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