Apply for the International Graduate Scheme of the UK


International students typically feel that the post-study options in the United Kingdom are closed after the Government closing doors for the foreign students to work after completion of education. Anyhow there are other options to the students if they are serious about living in the United Kingdom and pursue their dream of higher education and […]

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UK Immigration and Changing Policies of the Work Visas


The United Kingdom Immigration has introduced the drastic changes to the immigration policies, despite the opposition from the different industries of the United Kingdom. The UK is considering the changes to the policies based on the recommendations made by the Migration Advisory committee. The British Citizens opine that they have too much migrant population. But, […]

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UK Tech Nation Visa Program For Software Professionals


The United Kingdom has always been a great destination for the immigrants. Skilled professionals of IT sector have had high demand across the world. The United Kingdom Introduced a Tech Nation Visa Scheme a high-end category of Tier 1 visa to attract the highly qualified professionals with exceptional skills. It will be a brilliant decision […]

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Online Petition to oppose the UK Tier 2 visa salary threshold

The United Kingdom manufacturing industry has gained the support of 72,000 signatures for the online petition to oppose the wage threshold of Tier 2 visa. The industry critics have stated that the move will have the devastating impact on the engineering industry in the United Kingdom. This petition demands the home secretary to abolish the […]

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Who Can Apply for UK EEA Family Permit ?


The United Kingdom is also known to be popular destination for people who desire to live and work in new nation. We find most application for work related visa and study visa have been made through system which are point based and it measures the applicants against different criteria which are designed to assess their […]

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Britain sets out new test to limit EU migrant benefits

Britain laid out new rules on Wednesday designed to limit the access that migrants from other European Union states have to the country’s welfare system. British Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking to curb immigration into Britain in an effort to quell concerns about migrants entering the country to claim benefits, referred to as ‘benefits […]

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