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Tier 2 Dependent Visa Holder Can Work in the United Kingdom

UK-Tier-2-Sponsorship-VisaThere was much discussion among the aspirants seeking the dependent visa through sponsors of UK Tier 2 Sponsorship Visas, as the migration advisory committee advised the Government to remove the right of the dependents in 2015. The advice has raised serious doubts, but many sections of society have termed this move as illegal and not the correct method to contain migration.

The skilled migrants who come to the UK share their skill and contribute to the economy of the country. It is essential to have international talent in the local market to drive the economy. The best part of the Dependent visa for the UK Tier 2 is that almost 80 percent of the partners of skilled professionals have professional capacity to work in various industries.

UK Government as of now did not introduce any change that affects the right of the dependents to work. The MAC also advised the UK Government to enhance the salary cap of the workers under the visa category. Though it was the great news for the applicants, this move has been opposed by the UK employers. The salary increased above the national average to 35 000 pounds.

Inviting skilled migration is a good move as there movement can help grow the economy of any country. Skilled migration has never been burdensome to the economy. The UK Tier 2 visa holders who have the capacity to support the dependents are only eligible to apply for the visa.

UK Immigration is taking new shape with the increase of unskilled migration from the European Countries. However, the flow through skilled migration always helped the economies which relieved on them.

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