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UK Tier 2 Work Permit - Know Tier 2 UK Points Based Method

Tier2-Visa-Points-Based-MethodThe individuals in order to Apply for UK Tier 2 Visa, you should be skilled worker from outside the European Economic area and do have a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer who tend to hold a valid Tier 2 sponsorship license.We find there is an annual cap on the number of Tier 2 Visa for UK,  which can be offered. The cap  is about 20,700. People who earn above £150,000 each year are excluded from the cap.

The Individuals In Order to Qualify; They Should

  • Have a job offer from a licensed UK employer and should hold a valid certificate of employment from that particular employer
  • Should meet UKBA maintenance requirements
  • Should meet the UKBA English requirements
  • Should score about 70 points or more in the Tier 2 points test

The individuals in order to gain entry into the UK through work permit visa to UK, an application should score points specified under the Tier 2 UK Immigration Points Based Method.

The individuals would be offered few points in case they the individual is earning the appropriate salary as well as allowances.

In most cases, it means that you should be earning around £20,000 a year, inclusive of allowance before tax. If it applies to you, you would be earning few points. In case you do not, you would not score any points unless of the following does apply to you.

  • You came to the UK as a Tier 2 (General ) migrant under the rules in force before 6th April 2011
  • You are a Jewish agency employee
  • You are a member of a ground staff of a foreign airline
  • You are a minister of religion, a member of a religious order or a missionary
  • You work for a newspaper, a news agency or broadcaster
  • You are holder of a UK work permit

All who are interested to know more about Tier 2 Sponsorship Visa should contact visa specialist, they would guide you further.

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