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Tier 2 visa system and impact on the immigrants

  Tier 2 visaBased on the recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), United Kingdom government introduced major changes to the Tier 2 visa categories. Many were pleased with the changes and the migrant workers not happy with the move. The people in UK and industrial sectors are worried about the quality migration as it is going to impact the qualified migrants. The Association of Independent Professionals (IPSE) also supported the United Kingdom Government change in the policy of Tier 2 visa system. The salary cap of the tier 2 visas has been increased and the new comers have relief and the skill shortage areas of UK do not have salary caps. The professions under teaching, healthcare professionals and other professions have huge demand in United Kingdom. Many feel the move is containing migration but the UK industries are demanding the Government to take measures to improve the skills of the Britons rather than containing qualified migrants. The United Kingdom immigration however did not strip the working rights of the dependents who entered the UK through Tier 2 visa. The UK employers have failed to make use of the visa which brings exceptional talent to the United Kingdom. The Immigration reforms and the Brexit issue are forming different opinions, and people are divided over the topic immigration in the United Kingdom.

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