Travel to UK – Basic requirements of UK Tourist Visa

UK visitor visa

Visitor visa is one of the popular routes for overseas applicants arriving the UK for tourism, visiting their near and dear ones and for business visits. There are many short stay visas for an applicant traveling to the UK from India such as family visitor visas, entertainer, marriage, parent and child, medical treatment, child, business, student and sports visas. Whatever may be the choice of your of the option, he or she is recommended to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of the country.

There are many reasons why most overseas applicants aspire to tour to the UK for a short period such as for visiting their family members, sightseeing, to get married, undertake vocational training or to attend important events. Remember a UK visitor visa does not allow an applicant to take part in paid or unpaid works, produce goods or proffer services in the nation. Frequent visitors can make use of the UK multiple entry visa category of the country to visit for one, two or five years. Almost all tourist visas are applicable for multiple entries within their duration of validity.

Basic requirements of UK tourist visa:

Following are the requirements that an overseas applicant must meet before they apply for UK tourist visa:

  • Must be able to demonstrate that your intention to visit the nation should not be more than six months
  • Should hold enough financial funds to support themselves financially during their stay
  • Testament of return tickets
  • If you are visiting the country for medical treatment then make sure to hold relevant documents of your diseases
  • Covering letter, that demonstrates reasons of travel

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