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With the grand and spectacular closure ceremony, London Olympics has come to an end. But it has brought huge investments from business firms across the world. During the Olympics, British Business Embassy arranged for a series of summits bringing together business leaders, delegates, politicians and business firms executives from across the world. Politicians and ministers are determined to take the success and investments of Olympics forward. Ministers and business leaders will work together to capitalize and take forward the UK business to the leading position in international markets. OpulentusLancaster House summits welcomed over 3,000 business leaders and global figures, top companies from the list of FTSE 100 companies and hundreds of international buyers, policy makers, and investors. Business firms and top business leaders are vowed to secure a world class business legacy from the London Olympics, 2012. Some of the programs and initiatives announced by ministers and business leaders to take forward these investments and expansion are:

  • A multimedia program named “‘Great Britain Delivers” will be organized to portray the message that - UK can complete major global projects on time within the allocated budget.
  • British Business Embassy will held similar meetings during Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, 2014.
  • UK will improve its trade relations with countries like Brazil, Russia and Qatar. These countries will hold upcoming major sport events.
Great Britain athletes have done well in London Olympics; the same is forecasted for UK’s economy and business market. This is the right time to apply for a work permit to enter UK to explore the opportunities. Settle in UK and enjoy the economy that is going to boom in near future. Fill a simple & FREE Evaluation Form and see your chances of working in UK. Call on 1800 103 1555 for a direct talk with our experts. For more updates connect us on Facebook or just log on to Opulentus.

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