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UK DEPENDANT VISAThe Dependent Visa category facilitates the members who are dependent of a person who has a status of permanent resident or UK citizen to apply to join them in the UK. These kinds of application characteristically are available for family and children.

UK Dependant Visa

The person, who has the status of a permanent resident or UK citizen and is the basis of this kind of application, is generally referred to as the 'sponsor'. A ‘dependent’ is one of the following, the sponsor’s husband, wife or partner. Any child of the sponsor under 18 is also as dependent. If the child of the sponsor is over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependent then also they can apply under this scheme.

Dependent applying from different parts

The dependents who are applying from outside of UK need to follow some instructions, such as that they must be present at visa application center in order to take their photographs and fingerprints, which later on, will be utilized for applying to get biometric residence permit of their application. The country from which, the dependent is applying, contributes to the fact that how much time it will take them to process. The applicant also applies from UK in order to extend or apply for UK dependent visa. The dependent has to be holding one of the relationships with sponsor, such as partner or child. The dependents are also can also ask to use the priority service, in case, they want the faster service. The dependents are generally asked to apply at the same time as the sponsors are applying in order to have the visa as quickly as possible.

Requirement of UK Dependent Visa

While applying for visa, one must make sure that they have provided all of the essential supporting documents at the time they send their application to authorities. One has to submit the specified documents in which some of the documents within a sequence could have been absent and also the documents marking the commencement and ending of that sequence have been provided but if a document is in the wrong set-up or if a document is a copy and not an original document or if a document does not contain all of the specified information, then there are chances of UK immigration authorities to cancel the visa or contact the applicant. Related Links:

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