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UK Dependent Visa Helps in Family Reunion  

UK dependent visa application does apply for family and children of permanent resident of UK or UK citizen upon whom the application is based referred to as the sponsor. This visa does help the dependent's of an individual who are UK permanent residents or UK citizens to apply to join them in the United Kingdom.

If the application for the UK dependent visa is successful, then the applicant would be granted permission to enter the UK and they work and live in  Britain without restriction.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

The individuals to qualify as dependent, they should be a spouse, civil partner or unmarried parUK-Dependent-Visatner of the sponsor. The children whose age is 18 years may also accompany the sponsor to the UK as dependent's.

Before the application can be approved, it is required to show that your sponsor whom you wish to become dependent has essential financial means and should be willing to support the individual.

We find dependency visa holders can also apply for British Naturalization as UK citizen after they have spent nearing to 5 years of continuous stay in the nation.

Savings Important to Migrate to UK

The individuals should demonstrate the ability to support your dependent's while they are in the UK.

  • Each dependent should have nearing to £630 available to them whether the applicant applies along with the main applicant or file separately. This is in addition to the to £945, which you require supporting self.
  • The individuals should have proof stating that they have sufficient money and in your bank account or dependant’s bank account for minimum 90 days before you or they apply.
  • Dependent's apply from the outside UK,

Dependent's if they apply from outside, then they require to have their finger prints as well as photographs at the centre for visa application to get biometric residence permit as part of their application, they are required to collect their biometric residence permit within 30 days when they have arrived in the United Kingdom.

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