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UK EEA Family Permits for Dependents

UK Visa EEA Family PermitUK Visa EEA Family Permit

UK EEA family permit is a document is for the nationals who live outside the EEA but has a family member living in EEA who is not a UK citizen. The non – EEA national will need to be with an EEA national or join them in the UK.

UK EEA family permit is valid for only six months so the applicant who needs to become a resident in UK needs to apply for a resident permit.

The applicant can apply as

  1. Spouse or civil or unmarried couple, child, grandchild, parent, grandparents
  2. A dependent extended family member – unmarried partner or brother, sister or cousin

The applicant can also apply as if they are the main carer of

  1. A British citizen
  2. A financial self sufficient child who is an EEA national
  3. A child of an EEA national who was a worker in the UK

The EEA family member should be working, jobseeker, self employed, studying, and self sufficient or have a permanent right of residence.

You don’t have to apply for a visa if you hold a valid residence card permanent residence card issued in the UK.

You should apply for a visa to join your family member instead if your family member is a British citizen.

UK EEA Family Permit Application requirements

  • Completed application from
  • Valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Proof of your permission to be in the country where you are applying, if you’re not the national of that country
  • Proof of marital status
  • Proof of your current employment or studies
  • Financial funds
  • Details of the accommodation
  • Details about the sponsor in the UK

EEA Family permits Processing Time

The processing time depends the embassy where the applicant has submitted their documents.

The visa application process is free.

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