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UK Immigration and Changing Policies of the Work Visas

The United Kingdom Immigration has introduced the drastic changes to the immigration policies, despite the opposition from the different industries of the United Kingdom. The UK is considering the changes to the policies based on the recommendations made by the Migration Advisory committee.

UK-Tier-2-Working-Permit-VisaThe British Citizens opine that they have too much migrant population. But, the immigration is the developmental plan of the many countries; the United Kingdom is not an exception. The UK has many policies that facilitate quality immigration. But, the recent development on Tier 2 work visas is impacting the foreign nationals who are residing for the long time.

The British Prime Minister David Cameroon assured the Indians on the new Tier 2 Visa policy. The changes to the salary threshold of the Tier 2 visa have impacted large number of the foreign nationals. However, it policies were relaxed timely.

The intellectual community of the United Kingdom considers no problem associated with the skilled workers who carry skills and work for the industries where there is shortage of skills. The problem is associated with the unskilled inflows who are the beneficiaries of the unemployment funds from the European Union.

Some have suggested equipping the British citizens with the skills rather than containing the skilled migration. There is possible contribution from the skilled professionals who are working in the United Kingdom industries. The healthcare industry of the United Kingdom requires nurses and the health care professionals are exempted from the salary threshold the tier 2 policies do not apply for shortage of skills.

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