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A UK visa - Opulentus is for those foreign companies who have no business settlement in the UK but now they want to set their business through new investment. The aim of the visa has to be only for the extension of business in the UK. The company representative has to be a genuine person from genuine company. If their intention of visa seems like permanent settlement in the UK initially, the visa will be terminated forever.  The company needs to show the papers where it should be clearly mentioned that they have been dealing with the trading more than a year and they have sufficient capital to support their new branch in UK. The foreign company cannot send more than one person to the UK to take care of the business. If there is any requirement of any other person from the company then the staff member need to apply for the same visa on temporary basis. The visa will be granted for 2 years and after that it can be extended up to 3 years. After five years of staying the company representative can apply for permanent visa. As per the performance of company and representative, if they satisfy the UK immigration officer, the representative can be the permanent visa holder in spite of a new superior’s recruitment in the company. Main Points: The representative of the company has to be a very superior person who has been working in the same company permanently and has the power to take any decision as per the circumstances without taking permission from any others. They employee has to recruited in the company from outside of UK and he/she has to be a permanent worker. The employee must be recruited by the company directly. He/she cannot hold more than thirty percent of the company’s share. English language proficiency test has to be cleared successfully The parent company’s corporate office cannot be moved to the UK The representative has to be attached with everyday’s work and trading of the company in the UK. He has to hold the superior position of the UK business. Only he will be authorized to handle all the dealing inside the UK. After 5 years of successive staying, the representative can apply to stay permanently The person cannot spend more than 180 days outside the UK Dependants visa: He/she can bring his/her family such as spouse, kids to stay with them. Related Links:

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