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Who Can Apply UK Student Dependent Visa ?

Uk-Student-Dependent-VisaEach year, more than thousands of students belonging to foreign origin successfully get a visa to study in the UK. The UK govt does welcome the international students, and we find there is no cap on the number of student visa’s which can be issued.It is crucial that the students who are Interested in Studying in UK must prepare and apply well before  their preferred course begin. Most students do not realize how long the process would take and sometimes end up wasting their academic year.

The students are required to produce documents of finances as well as qualification, should attend  interview or should provide bio-metric information. And they are also required to undergo English language test.

Student’s family members can come along with the student who is pursuing an education in the UK by applying for UK Student Dependent Visa if the family member from outside EEA (European Economic Area or Switzerland).

Dependent Include Following

  • Child under 18
  • Your child over 18 but they are currently in the UK as dependents
  • Husband, partner or wife

The international student in the UK for education must have proof that they have money, and it has been in the bank account or account of the dependent bank account for minimum 90 days before the student or dependent apply for a visa.

Dependants can Apply in the UK on Their Own

The students’ dependents can apply to extend or switch their visas to stay with you if they are already in the UK

Children born while in the UK

If you have children while you are in the UK, you can apply for permission for them to stay.  You should do this if you desire to travel in and out of UK with your child.When you apply, you should send  UK birth certificate wherein a name of the child’s parents is written.

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