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Damian Green, Immigration minister of UK is determined to bring wealth and talent to UK. New rules have been implemented for people with funds for investments and exceptionally talented people. Migrants with sufficient funds for opening new firms and giving employment to Britons will be welcomed. At the same time, immigration rules should be robust enough and should keep out frauds who want to travel and settle in UK with dishonest reasons. Opulentus UKDamian Green urges top leaders and politicians to connect UK’s economic interests with immigration or visa regulations. Other developed countries like the USA and Australia have already lightened the rules for entrepreneur visa and visas for talented people in the field of science, art, engineering, arts, and theatre. London, the capital city of United Kingdom has a number of multiethnic working professionals in various industries, in different positions. Migrant workers from developing countries like India, China, Japan, Russia and other African countries have settled in London. Other British cities have also started attracting foreign skilled workers by offering numerous work opportunities and other social benefits. Top industry leaders are set to invest in billions and expand their branches in United Kingdom. These new branches will hire employees with desired skills. Post Olympics, the British economy is seeing an upward trend and this will have a great impact on visa applications. Sectors like creative, manufacturing, construction, IT, engineering and science are expected to grow tremendously and will need thousands of people for their operations. This is the right time for foreign skilled workers to apply for a visa for UK. Get a suitable job and settle in UK. Share your thoughts and views with us on Facebook. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form or call us on 1800 103 155 for more information on UK immigration.

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