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UK’s special visa scheme for top scientists and artists has a cap of 1000 per year

The official UKBA figures released state that a coalition scheme for 1,000 world-class scientists and artists a year has just been able to bring 50 top academics to Britain. Opulentus UKChancellor of UK, George Osborne states that the scheme has “fast-tracked” visas for the talented scientists in the world with its programme to invite outstanding academics to come to the UK. Since the scheme started in August last year, it has been able to bring only 50 scientists till now. Visa system is very transparent and is open to the brightest and best foreigners in science and art. "You do have to have immigration control, and the public lost confidence in immigration control" he said. "So it’s important that the Government gets public confidence in immigration control. But immigration control should not keep out the brightest and the best from the world.” “The exceptional talent Tier 1 visa is a new route for individuals who are internationally recognised in their field and was created to ensure we get the brightest and the best to come to the UK. “Many of those who could apply for the exceptional talent visa are still coming through the normal route, but we would expect those in the arts and science world who don’t want to be tied to a specific employer to make greater use of this avenue in the future.” Professionals with talent and education can take this as an opportunity to move and settle in UK.  To embark on your journey to UK, get your profile evaluated by our experts. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form or contact us at 1800 103 1555. Mail us at visa@Opulentuz.com You can also get in touch with us at Facebook. For detailed information visit Opulentus.

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