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United Kingdom Domestic Visa

United Kingdom Domestic VisaThe United Kingdom Domestic Visa is for the foreign employers to bring his/her domestic worker with them while visiting the UK for less than or 6 months.

The domestic workers include:

  • cleaners
  • chauffeurs
  • cooks
  • those who take personal care of the family
  • nannies
The Employer can opt for this Visa for the Domestic Worker if the applicant:
  • is working in a family house
  • has been working for the family/person for minimum 1 year
  • Is from outside the Country of Europe.
  • also meets the other criteria, such as –
  • The household worker must prove he/she:
  • is 18 or older
  • works in the same household as the employer or one they use to live regularly
  • plans to travel to the UK with the employer, their partner or children
  • intends to work as a full time worker in a UK household where the employer will live
  • Plans to leave the UK at the end of 6 months or at the same time as the employer.
  • is able to support financially in the UK without the need for public fund

The employer must be either a:

  • British or European Economic national who usually lives outside the UK and who doesn’t want to stay in the United Kingdom for more than 6 months
  • A foreigner who is coming to the United kingdom for visiting and who will not spend more than 6 months in the UK.
  • The employer must also pay the worker at least the national minimum wage.
  • You could lose the visa if the employers disobey any immigration law of the UK.

Process Duration:

The Visa can be applied for three months before the date of departure to the United Kingdom. The applicant should receive a visa confirmation within 21 working days.


The Visa fees £405/- for domestic employer of private house.


  • The worker can’t leave the country if the employer goes on a shorter visit to any other European country at that time of the UK visit.
  • Travelling abroad are allowed but must come back to the UK to fulfil the duration of stay, though it has to be proved that the worker still works for the same employer.
  • Worker can work for other person as a domestic worker, only if the worker doesn’t stay in the UK more than six months.
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