Upcoming Powerful Cities of UK

London Olympics has given hope to many in UK. The post Olympics era is seeing a number of companies marking their debut or opening new branches in UK. Not only London, other cities have also been considered equally for investments by foreign and domestic firms. UK is on the verge of becoming the most powerful country in the world.

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Cities that interested foreign direct investors and local businesses are:

New Castle: City for scientific research activities. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies prefer this silent city of UK.

Leeds: Ultimate destination for financial services, consultancy companies and ancillary service providers. Leeds is one of the strongest contenders in the power list cities of UK.

Liverpool: Business concentrating on culture and brands has found their heart and soul here. Known as the home of The Beatles, it is still a preferred tourist destination.

Brighton: If London is the capital of UK, Brighton is the economy capital. Companies prefer this city for its rebellious people and their attitude.

Bristol: Center for advanced manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities prefer this city for the easy availability of labours.

Glasgow: Renewable energy is the buzz in this city of UK. Energy firms have mushroomed up in different parts making it one of the generation next powerful cities of UK.

All these above cities combined with the super power London have made UK the preferred destination for skilled migrants. Sectors like engineering, creative, energy, construction are the booming ones that require thousands of professionals to sustain.

This is the right time for foreigners to move to UK. Get a suitable job matching your education and work experience and settle in UK.

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