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What are the Other Eligibility Requirements to Pursue Education in UK?

The individuals can enter UK, before one week, if their course is for less than 6 months. And they can enter UK  before one month, if their course duration is more than 6 months.

The individual’s can apply for Tier 4 visa, in order to Study in UK, if their age is 16 or above. They are also required to meet the below conditions

  • Should have got an invite from the institute or universityStudy-in-UK-for-Indian-Students
  • Should be able to speak, write and also understand the English language
  • Should be having sufficient amount of money to support themselves and should pay for their course. The amount does vary depending on the circumstances

What are the other eligibility requirements to be met to pursue education in UK ?

The individuals should be having unconditional offer of a place for course having Tier 4 sponsor, licensed. They are also required to have enough money in order support themselves as well as should be able pay for their course. The amount does vary depending on the circumstances.

Who are considered as dependents as per the Tier 4 ?

As per the Tier 4, below individuals are considered as dependents and they are eligible to apply for UK Dependent Visa.

Individual’s husband or wife

  • Individual’s civil partner
  • Individual’s partner who is unmarried belonging to same sex, with whom the individual has lived for minimum two years
  • And lastly the individual’s child whose age is below 18 years when the individual, arrive in UK.

The individuals are not required to prove English efficiency if they have recently completed education which is equivalent to UK degree in

  • Australia
  • Barbuda and Antigua
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Dominica
  • Belize
  • Guyana
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Ireland
  • Nevis and St Kitts
  • New Zealand
  • The Grenadines and St Vincent
  • St Lucia
  • UK
  • Tobago and Trinidad
  • USA
  • UK

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