What are Varied Benefits Enjoyed by Having UK Work Permit ?

The UK is known to have high income economy and it is categorized to be very high with regards to Human Development index.

The UK Tier 2 Work Permit system has successfully replaced the old UK Work Permit system.  We find, Tier 2 work permits are mostly applied by employees who are willing to come UK in order to fill positions which are vacant  and  which cannot be filled by the British citizen and who do have confirmed sponsorship from an licensed UK employer.


It is essential that, employers must show that their business is genuine and that there is genuine requirement for the intended role. In addition, the proposed employee must suitably be skilled and or they should be qualified for the vacant position. Thus they are required to meet all basic requirement and at the same time they need to get success in Tier 2 point test.

For employer to get work permit, they are required to prove that they have advertised the position nationally, but they could not fill it with someone from inside the European Economic Area.

Benefits of UK Tier 2 Visa

  • Individuals can work for their sponsor as per the job described in their certificate of sponsorship
  • Should undertake Voluntary work in UK
  • Can undertake study as long as it does not interfere with the job offered by the sponsored for
  • Travel abroad and return to United Kingdom
  • Bring your family members along with you. Need to apply for UK Tier 2 Dependent Visa

UK Tier 2 Visa can be Applied If

They have offered a skilled job in United Kingdom
If the individual is from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

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