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What is Single Route for Those UK for Business ?

In line with the recent review of the UK immigration system by the govt, we find new rules has been implemented from 27 November 2008 in order to reform the specific categories of the Visitor Visa.

UK Business Visit Visa is most popular single route for the individuals who visit UK for Business Purpose.

The main idea behind this reform is to ensure that the visitors  while they Visit UK for Business or for tourism purpose   are clear on the activities which they are allowed to do while in UK on the visitor visa and do not breach conditions of their stay for the duration of their time in UK.

General Requirements for Those Who Travel to UK for Business or for TourismUK-Business-Visit-Visa

Individuals who wish to visit the UK should be able to demonstrate they do not wish to visit UK for nor more than 6 months and they should be leaving UK at the end of their visit. In addition, the individuals must be able to prove that they have sufficient funds to maintain as well as accommodate themselves without any assistance from UK public funds.

The exceptions to this general rule who visit UK is academic visitors as well as parents of the children at school in UK who are entitled to stay in UK for maximum period of 12 months.

It is crucial that if you wish to visit UK that you must apply for the correct category of visitor visa before entering the nation as you need to comply with the conditions on your visa. We find any breach of visa conditions during stay in UK might result in adverse consequences. And it is therefore recommended that they ensure that your intentions for coming to UK are adequately reflected in the type of visitor visa  the individual apply for.

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