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Who Can Apply for UK EEA Family Permit ?

The United Kingdom is also known to be popular destination for people who desire to live and work in new nation. We find most application for work related visa and study visa have been made through system which are point based and it measures the applicants against different criteria which are designed to assess their eligibility for UK study visa or UK Work Visa. Interested in UK immigration, contact the reputed visa consultants.

UK EEA Family Permit

The individuals can apply for UK EEA Family Permit to come to UK if individuals

  • Are from Outside European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Family member or extended family member of an EEA national

There are Different Other Ways an Individual May be Eligible, for ExampleUK-EEA-Family-Permit

  • Derivative right of residence : if the individual is carer of someone who does have the right to be in UK, then child of an EEA national or carer’s child who has previously worked in UK.
  • Under Surinder Singh Judgment – if an individual is family member of an British citizen who as both lived and also worked in another EEA nation
  • Having retained right of residence : if the individual has the right to stay in UK as family member of an EEA national who has left UK or died or no longer individual’s spouse or civil partner.

Travel to UK Along With EEA

The EEA Family Permit validity is for six months. The individuals can leave as well as enter UK numerous time within validity period.

Stay after EEA family permit expires

The individuals can stay in UK after permit expires

  • If they are family member of EEA national
  • Should get qualified under Surinder Singh judgment
  • Right of residence should have been retained
  • Should have derivative rights of residence

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