Who can apply For UK Permanent Residency?

The number of immigrants living in UK went up by more than 2.6 million in a decade and there is now one immigrant for every seven people born in Britain.

People who wish to immigrate to UK do have several avenues to choose from, it depends  on their individual circumstances. The current residents of the EU’s European Economic Area or Switzerland can apply easily for Visa free residency and Job UK Immigration Consultants in Hyderabadopportunities in UK. All those people belonging to other nation will require to go through main immigration channels.

The UK government  use two tier point system in order to assess the permanent resident visa applicants.  Presently the main route for living in UK is Visa, a skilled worker visa. The applicant who meets the requirements stated by the Govt. for emigrants who are highly skilled and they need to have money to invest , they can also apply visa. They do not need an existing job offer.

Who can apply for Permanent residence card?

  • From Outside the EEA(European Economic Area)
  • The family member or the extended family member of an EEA, national who is permanent resident or qualified person.

In the year , 5,258,000 people  living in Britain who were born overseas and people who were born in Britain was 53,907,000.

  • By 2013, the estimates said, that were 7, 921, 0000 people in Britain were born abroad and 55,309,000 born in UK.
  • The massive number of migrants are entering UK last year, it  was equivalent to add a new city, the size of Newcastle upon Tyne to the nation.
  • Almost 600,000 immigrants have swept in UK and the nation had 260,000 new foreigners looking to make their homes.

There has been massive surge of immigrants who are attracted by both generous benefit system and growing economy has become internationally famous.


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