Work in UK after obtaining a Tier 2 Work Permit

An abroad destination always lures people, especially if it is a perfect place to immigrate like the United Kingdom. Got excited just on hearing about this stupefying nation? If it has been your long cherished dream to come to UK in order to live and work here, then why tarry? All you need to have is a Tier 2 Work Permit which you can easily attain with the help and capability of Opulentus visa consultancy.

Which categories can work under the Tier 2 Permit?

  • If you are a skilled worker who has a relevant job offer in hand to fill in a vacancy in Britain’s labor workforce, then you can apply for this visa type.
  • As part of intra-company transfer, you can work in UK if you have been transferred to the UK branch of your company.
  • Sportsmen of high repute as well as coaches can also get the Tier 2 Work Permit.
  • All the people who closely associate themselves with some religion are likely to get this visa.

UK Tier 2 point based system

As this is a point based system, an applicant must score a minimum of 70 points in order to be eligible for this category. Points are allotted on each of the following grounds:-UK Tier 2 work permit

  • Language skills- If you are knowledgeable and fluent in the English language, you can enter into UK as this is a pre-requisite for entering into the country. One can score a maximum of 10 points under this.
  • Maintenance requirements- A total of 10 points can be scored under this heading.
  • The other headings for which you can obtain points are educational qualifications, prospective earnings and sponsorship. Out of a total of 85 points, you should be able to meet 50 points collectively.
Why choose Opulentus?

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